The area has not any architectural peculiarities except for the buildings of public nature (churches, fountains, bridges). However it has mansions and remarkable private constructions.

The main buildin materials is wood and stone, combined in a wonderful fashion by Epirot and Local masters.

The zone planning of the settlements of the area follows the rule that places the square in the middle of the village, from which spoke-like cobled roads lead to the 'mahalas' (quarters) and one main road leads to the square.

Samples of this architecture of public bulidings are the bridge of Alamanos (below at left), the aqueduct 'Kamares' at Metaxohori (right below) and the monastery of Agios Panteleimonas at Agia.

Tourism contributes to the formation of income of the residents as the area has long coastal area, clean seas and good infrastructure that caters to thousands of tourists. However there is a modern trend for other forms of tourism, which satisfy the needs of modern cities residents.

The important point regarding to those alternative forms of tourism is that they show a greater respect to environment and give to those that take part in such activities opportunities to know and love nature. Such alternative activities include hiking - mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, rafting and canoeing.

Hiking - mountaineering: the area and especially Kissavos is endowed with high peaks, rich natural environment and beautiful villages making it enticing for hikers, climbers and visitors. The area is crossed by national trail O2 that connects Olympus with Pelion.

A most beautiful trail connects Agia and Megalovriso. It is a coble stone trail that passes through post-Byzantine monuments.

Another well formed trail is between Melivia and Velika with wooden bridges, steps and kiosks. It passes near the water fall of Sotritsa and ends on the beach of Velika.


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